The Rephraser: A Quick and Clever Way To Rewrite Text in SEO Writing Assistant

December 22, 2021image


With the holiday season in full swing, we know it can be a challenge to consistently create quality content for your festive campaigns.

Indeed, as Santa himself knows, success often depends on that extra bit of help — and that’s why we’ve provided you with a little Christmas “elf” of your own!

Rephrase Text and Improve Your Copy

We recently launched the Rephraser, a new feature in our SEO Writing Assistant tool. Built using a sophisticated AI algorithm, it suggests ways to paraphrase small parts of your copy — while still keeping the original meaning of the text.

As well as helping you to save time and effort, the Rephraser allows you to:

  • Repurpose your original text and adapt it to different marketing channels
  • Overcome “writer’s block” when rewording your text (such as for ad campaigns)
  • Avoid common style and grammar pitfalls, such as redundancies and tautologies
  • Find better ways to structure your sentences and paragraphs, improving quality
  • Rework text if the SEO Writing Assistant detects plagiarism in your copy

That’s a pretty helpful elf, right?


The Rephraser tool works best with small segments of text (i.e., 100 to 750 characters), making it ideal not just for short form copy, but to magnify specific elements of your longer form content too.  It’s not designed to replace a human writer (AI content is against Google’s guidelines), so you should always quality review the text before publishing it.

The tool’s suggestions are also built on relevant, real-world sources, with the advanced AI analyzing thousands of existing articles.

So start saving time and energy on routine editing work and let the Rephraser keep your content sleigh on course!

Start unwrapping the Rephraser tool!Try it now

The Rephraser is part of the SEO Writing Assistant tool, which is available with a Guru subscription. Learn more about Semrush’s pricing plans here.

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