Telegram Tracker: Never miss important news or updates from across Telegram

December 22, 2021image


Telegram sure moves fast. With hundreds of channels and public and private groups, you might need to go through thousands of messages and notifications a day to spot what you really need.

So if you don’t have hours to read through all the noise, yet want to keep track of all the important info, you’ll need a tool like Telegram Tracker.

What is Telegram Tracker?

A part of our Semrush App Center, Telegram Tracker is an easy-to-use solution for keeping watch on everything you need across Telegram. 

This app lets you monitor and organize messages from any Telegram channel or group in a single place, allowing you to track messages that have specific keywords.


If you haven’t tinkered with this tool yet, here’s why you probably should:

  • Don’t get lost in all the Telegram noise, and organize tailored feeds with select channels and groups (private and public).
  • Automate your brand/keyword monitoring process by setting up tracking for certain keywords.
  • Get notified right within the tool every time someone mentions your tracked keyword.
  • Keep all the important messages and updates in one place with the save and store feature.

Be the first to discover the most important news and updates from across Telegram with the Telegram Tracker app.

Track messages across any Telegram channel or groupGet a free trial and explore the tool

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