Client Management Made Easy With Task Approval and Task Commenting In Client Portal

July 8, 2022image


Looking for a way to digitally manage client relationships all in one place? Well, we have good news for you! 

Semrush is excited to announce that our Client Portal has gained two new features that will make life so much easier for agencies and clients alike: task approval and task commenting! 

Task Approval 

With the new task approval feature, agencies can improve the client experience by streamlining all tasks that need authorization or approval in one place. Clients get notified when they need to approve a task, minimizing the back-and-forth communication that can be draining for both agencies and their busy clients.


Task Commenting 

Managing multiple platforms to communicate with clients is a thing of the past with Client Portal’s new task commenting feature. With the ability to comment and ask questions within the portal itself, not only do you remove the several steps it would take to navigate to another communication platform, you also spare your clients aggravation and frustration when trying to reach you quickly. 

With task commenting you can respond to their concerns within minutes. You’ll be notified as soon as a client leaves a comment within the portal. 


Client Portal

In addition to these two new features, the client portal is a part of an agency-tailored CRM that gives your clients access to individual, password-protected dashboards where they can view reports on position tracking and other key SEO metrics. 


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