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November 27, 2020image


We're proud to announce that our multifunctional Site Audit has just become even more powerful, and its latest feature is truly unique in the market! 

The updated Markups report clearly reflects markup usage and highlights different mistakes around implementing the structured data on your site. This quick overview will allow you to find the best spots for improvement.

What Is Structured Data?

Structured data is a set of data that is organized and structured in a particular way on a webpage. It helps Google to better understand what your content is about and return accurate results to searchers. As a result, your site can win special search results – SERP Features, and we all know how awesome that is. 

Exploring Structured Data with Site Audit

Site Audit can explore structured data items for each URL and identify which pages are eligible to be in Rich Results. Noticed your competitor outranking you by winning a SERP Feature? Keep up and check whether the required markup is implemented on your page! 


SEMrush recognizes structured data items in the format of Microdata and JSON-LD. 

Structured Data Overview 

The Structured Data Overview report is presented through four handy widgets:

  • Pages with Markup: shows how many of your website pages use at least one type of markup. 
  • Pages by Markup Type: shows your website’s pages broken down by a specific markup type. 
  • Structured Data by Pages/Items: shows structured data by validity/invalidity/availability, or by validity/invalidity of internal items.
  • Structured Data Items: shows all of the structured data items discovered on your website.

The Markup Score is based on the Invalid Structured Data Items check and uses the Site Health algorithm. 


The report is extremely easy to use. You are free to combine different workflows with SEMrush tools in order to achieve better results. For instance:

  1. You can go straight to the Structured Data report and check your site’s pages for validity.
  2. You can use our Position Tracking or Organic Research first to look for the SERP Features your site doesn’t rank for. And then use Site Audit to check whether the necessary markup is added and is valid.

Check out this article to learn more. 

This report was created to make outpacing competitors easier for you. Please share your thoughts and ideas on how to improve the tool by dropping us a line at

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