SEOquake: Google Algorithm Updates in Search Console

January 20, 2017image

Is it any wonder that our magnificent and extremely useful SEOquake is snowballing? We continue to receive your positive reviews and comments – a good reason to keep developing this service.

This time we're offering the ability to track the latest Google algorithm updates using our Notes feature right in Google Search Console (GSC) charts.  

Sometimes you may happen to notice some sharp swings in your charts. Now there’s no need to search for the cause of such changes on the Web. SEOquake now displays all the necessary data in one chart in GSC.


You can activate GSC integration in a heartbeat. First of all, make sure you have the latest version of SEOquake. Then go to the Google Search Console and link your SEMrush account to SEOquake.


We hope you like this update. Feel free to send your comments to Thanks for helping us improve.

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