Position Tracking Tool: Rankings Distribution

June 17, 2016image

We’re proud to introduce a new report for the Position Tracking tool: Rankings Distribution.

Previously, we offered a Competitors Discovery report, which allowed users to find their true competitors and choose a number of competitors they find the most important to analyze.

The new report allows you to view and compare the most important (stored) competitors with one click. By default, this report is displayed for all of your competitors that have been added to a current campaign. It also supports CSV/XLS exporting, filtering by tag(s) or the Local Pack.


The new report consists of the following tables:

  • Table with visibility, estimated traffic and number of keywords in TOP 3, TOP 10, TOP 20 and TOP 100 ranking ranges
  • Table for each ranking range, consisting of number of keywords, that a given domain ranks for within this ranking range; number of new, improved, lost and declined keywords

Also, all keyword numbers are clickable, so you can choose a necessary one to see.


The Rankings Distribution report helps you narrow the search among your competitors' data and focus on what’s really important. Enjoy!

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line at tracking-tool-feedback@semrush.com. And, as always, thank you for making SEMrush better!