Position Tracking: Set Your Targeting in Live Mode

December 11, 2019image

As time goes by, some of our users like to reconsider the way they’ve set up their Position Tracking campaigns. This can happen for several reasons: refocusing on a different traffic source, expanding to new territory, starting a local promotional campaign, to name just a few.

Previously, switching from tracking on desktop to tracking on mobile or vice versa, or tracking in a different location was quite an effort, as it required creating a new project to do so. For a paid subscriber, this meant having fewer projects left for other campaigns. For a free user, it was impossible to do without deleting the existing project and losing the data from the other tools connected to the project. 

And now, imagine making a mistake when choosing your target device or location... Sounds like trouble, doesn’t it? That’s why we decided to change things. Now, you can change the location or device you are targeting in Position Tracking right in the settings of the existing project.  


With this update, you can track your rankings for the location, language, and device you currently need. 

Please note that the data gathered under the previous settings will be cleared, so don’t forget to export it before you switch. 

Feel free to share your thoughts about this new functionality at tracking-tool-feedback@semrush.com.

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