Position Tracking: Landscape Report

February 21, 2019image

Have you ever thought of having all key Position Tracking takeaways on one page? It would be pretty useful in cases where you need to get a general impression of a domain’s visibility, estimated traffic, position changes, etc. If you agree, check out the Landscape report. On this new Position Tracking title page you’ll find 11 widgets representing the most important data from the tool.



You can filter with the Landscape report, choosing the device and location, including and excluding Local Pack/Top Stories from the rank count or changing the time period in the upper menu.


If the data catches your attention and you want to learn more about your own or your rival’s top or improved/declined keywords (Positive/Negative Impact), top competitors, or Landing Pages, click the “View all” button in the corresponding widget to access the fully featured report. And if not, just change the project you are looking at using the drop-down list at the top of the page.

The Landscape report will help you do a bunch of things without needing to switch between tabs and wait for the full reports to load:

  • Quickly detect unusual peaks and troughs in your own or your rival’s visibility, average position, estimated traffic, etc.
  • Get an instant overview of the keywords the target website is ranking for in Google’s top 3, 10, 20, and 100.
  • Spot uncovered SERP features.

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