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April 5, 2020image


Having data is extremely important for marketers. But are you visualizing your data in the right way? Such skills will allow you to unlock appraisable value for your business. That’s why the combination of Google Data Studio and SEMrush is exactly what you need.

It’s even more valuable now that we’ve added one more connector for Google Data Studio to generate a Site Audit Overview report telling you how many technical errors, warnings and notices SEMrush found on a website.

What metrics can I track?

Now you can track multiple metrics in your GDS reports related to the technical health of your site:

  • Overall health score;
  • The number of technical issues, divided by severity (errors, warnings, and notices);
  • The number of technical issues, divided by category (crawlability, HTTPS, international SEO, linking, performance);
  • The number of pages, divided by status (healthy, have issues, have redirects, broken, blocked).


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These metrics can be visualized compared to the previous time period, which will allow you to track your progress over time.

How to Connect?

To set up the Site Audit connection, you need to have an existing Site Audit Project in SEMrush. Once you configure and run your Site Audit, you will see it in your drop-down list here. Alternatively, you can enter the Project ID.


Once you choose the Project you want to connect to Data Studio, you’ll be able to choose which details to include in your report.

  • The issues that Site Audit can present about a site will be broken down into five groups to make it easy to digest results quickly:
  • Crawlability
  • Performance
  • Linking (internal and external)
  • International SEO (use of hreflang)
  • HTTPS (security)

Choose which ones you want to have available when you build your report and click “Create report” when you’re ready:


We recommend that you use the Site Audit connector in combination with two other SEMrush connectors, Domain Analytics and Position Tracking. This will allow you to assess a great number of SEO metrics available only in SEMrush, such as backlinks, organic and paid visibility, and a detailed breakdown of organic and paid search positions.

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about integrating SEMrush with Google Data Studio.

Please note that all the SEMrush Google Data Studio connectors are available for Business users only.

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