My Reports: Share Your Templates

January 15, 2020image

The best teamwork often comes from people who are working independently toward one united goal. The collaborative work on your SEMrush projects is even better now that we have implemented a new feature in My Reports: you can create and share your report templates with other users.


There’s no need to create the same report from scratch anymore – you can use the template created by your team members, a very important update that will surely save your and your colleagues’ time. 

When and why would you need it?

  • If you are a team manager and want your colleagues to report in the same way
  • If you are a team member and your team wants to come up with a unified reporting format

You can find the new feature in the My Templates tab, under the Actions button.


Please note: the Templates sharing feature is available for Business subscription users only.  

Feel free to send your feedback to Stay tuned, as more updates are coming!

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