Introducing Mobile Data and New Metrics Inside the Top Pages Report

April 25, 2022image


When it’s time to get granular regarding competitor traffic stats, the Top Pages report in Traffic Analytics is hard to beat. 

With traffic data for each individual page across any site, clear breakdowns of traffic by channel, and a variety of filtering options, the Top Pages report is a goldmine for competitive intelligence. 

And it just got better! 

Thanks to our recent data update, you’ll discover higher-definition insights and new metrics to improve your competitive analysis.

Boatloads of mobile data 

In April, we added 2.5X more mobile data to our already massive data set, meaning higher data accuracy across the board and a 46% increase in domain coverage. This includes a year’s worth of new mobile data beginning in April 2021. 

With this addition, we’ve introduced Mobile Data to our Top Pages and Subfolders Reports. You can now view traffic for mobile data exclusively using the Traffic Analytics interface


This exciting integration means higher quality insights that better reflect our mobile-first world. 

Shiny new metrics to deepen your insights 

Inside the Top Pages report, you’ll notice two new columns: Traffic Share and 1Y Trend.


  1. Traffic Share reflects the percentage of the website’s traffic driven to a particular page. This metric can help you understand what pages are generating the most traffic and where competitors are putting their marketing dollars. 
  2. 1Y Trend offers a look at the traffic trend over the last 12 months. With a quick glimpse at a given page’s trend, you can better identify landing pages, promotional activities, and shifts in customer demand. 

Alongside Unique Pageviews, Unique Visitors, and the traffic channel breakdown, these new metrics reveal a page’s performance and importance against the website as a whole, while also providing deeper insight into a competitors overall strategy.  

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