Extend Site Audit Functionality With Zapier Integration

February 14, 2021image


Zapier connects 2000+ solutions and Site Audit is now one of them. This means that you can build dozens of custom workflows for your in-house team or agency using three actions and two triggers:


  • Create a new project and set up a Site Audit campaign
  • Re-crawl your campaign
  • Get an overview report for your campaign


  • Your campaign crawl is completed
  • You get a new task in the Site Audit campaign

The Site Audit connector is available for all subscriptions and doesn’t require access to Semrush API. Let’s take a look at some of the routines you can automate right away using these with a free Zapier subscription.

Website Maintenance: Integration with Task Trackers

The main goal of Site Audit is to find on-site issues that can hurt your search rankings. Until recently, you could only send information about detected errors, warnings, and notices to Trello by manually picking these from the Issues report. 

The long-awaited Send to Zapier option will make this procedure much easier. You are now free to choose between Asana, Monday, Jira or another task management environment you prefer. And you need to flag the issue only once to have Zapier send requests to Semrush every 5-15 minutes for any related new tasks in your Site Audit campaign.


Furthermore, you can set up regular recrawls and arrange Slack or email notifications on their completion to make sure the issues are fixed.


Leads Management

The Site Audit connector allows you to easily conduct analysis for new leads. For example, you can arrange to set a new Site Audit campaign for each new record created in Salesforce, and this won’t require your sales team to go into the Semrush settings. 


You can schedule the custom re-crawl on every day of the month or every day of the week using the Schedule app by Zapier

Apart from notifications on completion of the audit, you can set up the generation of fresh Site Audit reports when a specific Google Calendar event (e.g. ‘Prepare Monthly Reports’) starts or when the corresponding email request (e.g. ‘Please be ready to send your monthly results in 3 days’) arrives.

Quick Site Audit Launch in Your Web Browser 

Let's add even more speed and convenience. With the Zapier browser extension, you can create a handy button right in your browser. Just one click on it and the system will create a project and set up the audit of your current domain. You don’t even need to use the Semrush interface.

And This Is Not the Whole Story

Paid Zapier plans will let you do much more than the above by creating workflows containing three or more steps. For example, you’ll be able to generate and send regular Site Audit reports to your customers at a specific time or create a new Site Audit campaign each time your prospect fills in a questionnaire via Google forms, etc. 

To learn more about connecting Semrush to Zapier, please refer to this article.

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