Data in SEMrush Traffic Analytics: New Level of Accuracy

November 15, 2020image


Accuracy of the data we provide has always been our top priority. For months, we’ve been improving SEMrush Traffic Analytics to make the tool’s stats even more precise. Now, we’re ready to present the revamped data to our users.

SEMrush has always wanted more for our users, so what could we add to these impressive volumes of raw data to make SEMrush Traffic Analytics an even more essential tool?

A combination of an innovative machine learning algorithm and the enduring analysts’ principle “several sources make proven data” have brought us to a new level of accuracy:

  • More accurate estimation of website audience;
  • More detailed analytics for subdomains, top pages, traffic journey, etc.
  • Increased accuracy for small and medium domains (1K–100K monthly unique visitors), as well as for large websites.

We’ve taught our intelligent system to process accumulated data and extract more accurate estimates than ever before; we’ve also added more useful features to the tool’s reports.

What does it mean for the current users of SEMrush Traffic Analytics?

Since the launch of the new algorithm, the stats in all of the SEMrush Traffic Analytics reports have changed, including historical data. The more intelligent the system is becoming, the more precise will be the data shown in the tool.

Regardless of all the changes, you can keep using SEMrush Traffic Analytics as usual. All the reports will be available for paid subscribers of the Semrush .Trends solution.

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