Build SEO-Optimized Content Faster with the Content Outline Builder from Semrush

May 17, 2022image


We’re thrilled to roll out a new tool that helps you save time when creating outlines for SEO-focused blogs. 

The Semrush Content Outline Builder analyzes the best-performing articles and uses an AI algorithm to create a detailed, SEO-optimized outline in minutes. No need to dive into keyword or competitor research. The tool scans the landscape to create a customizable content brief, generating dozens of insights and recommendations to make your content soar.

Businesses that outsource their content needs to an external agency or copywriter can scale their content production and benefit from higher-quality articles in less time. 

Plus, no more guesswork for the writer. With a detailed, SEO-optimized outline from the get-go, writers and businesses can save time during the review and approval process, if any changes are required at all. 

Make your content shine with performance tips and suggestions from the Content Outline Builder tool, such as:

  • Full scope of topic coverage—from headings, subheadings, and questions you should cover
  • Keyword suggestions for acquiring higher organic traffic and improved rankings
  • Guidance on trending topics, ideal word count, tone of voice, readability, and more
  • Facts and data to include in your article
  • Related articles for inspiration


This powerful content outliner tool is available in the Extra Tools dropdown menu on Semrush. 

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