Backlinks: Quick and Easy Disavow

March 2, 2017image

A new, extremely convenient feature has recently been embedded in our Backlink Analytics. Now you have two brand new ways of working with questionable backlinks, so you can stay out of trouble.

Previously, you had to find 'bad' backlinks manually, and then export them to GSC. But why waste your time on something we could take care of for you?

Our Backlink Analytics provides you with two simple ways to manage your backlinks profile.  

Firstly, you can export backlinks to the Backlink Audit tool – our indispensable solution for protecting your site from Google penalties. To do so, go to the Backlinks report and mark all dubious backlinks. You can select a single link or an entire domain.


All that’s left to do is to move the bad links to the Disavow list. Here you can upload the selected backlinks to your current Backlink Audit campaign. If you don’t have one – a new campaign will be started. 


The Backlink Audit tool offers an easy and convenient way to interact with backlink-offering websites in no time. To learn more please read this article.

Looks pretty easy and efficient, don’t you think? However, there’s always a second way: in the Disavow list you can also export the selected untrusted backlinks to a .txt file, which can later be added to the GSC – you’re always free to choose!  

Please let us know what you think of this update by sending your suggestions, ideas and comments to Thank you for helping us make SEMrush even better!

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