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Posting to Pinterest is Now Available!

Finally, we’ve got it covered! You can now schedule, post and draft your content to all your Pinterest profiles at once. Read more... Posting to Pinterest

Competitive Intelligence 2.0: The Power of Data in the Service of Your Business

10 years ago SEMrush began as an SEO solution aimed at making online competition fair and equal for everyone. After a decade of trailblazing experiments and hard work this small startup has grown into the world's leading competitive research service covering all areas of digital marketing. This autumn, to provide our customers with the full range of market insights SEMrush announces the release of its Competitive Intelligence 2.0 toolkit. Read more... Competitive Intelligence 2.0

UTM-builder in the Social Media Poster

The much anticipated UTM builder is now available in our Social Media Poster! Read more...

SEMrush: UTM-builder in the Social Media Poster image 1

Keyword Magic Tool: The Biggest Database on the Market!

Today we have a very special cause for celebration. This update is set to blow your mind. You’re now all set to build the most profitable SEO or PPC campaign as our big hitter, the Keyword Magic tool, is more high-powered than ever before. We have increased not only the quantity but also the quality of the collected data. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re taking off! Read more...

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CPC Map Tool: Go Local to Go Big with Your PPC Campaign

The day has finally come. We are proud to introduce our brand new and very promising tool — CPC Map — and offer you the chance to make an evolutionary leap in your local advertising campaigns. Read more...

SEMrush CPC Map: Discover Local CPC Data

Mobile Data in Traffic Analytics: The Jet Engine for Your Business

On August 15 we launched the long-hoped-for updates that turn Traffic Analytics into an indispensable solution not just for SEOs but for marketing managers and analysts of all levels, business development directors, and affiliate and sales managers too. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s happening. Read more...

Mobile Data in Traffic Analytics

Position Tracking: Hyper Targeting by ZIP Code

Looking for new, innovative ways to actively encourage your business? We’re dab hands at that! Competitive research is always relevant when there are lots of players in the market. But tracking your positions and analysis of all your potential rivals within a city or country could take a lot of time, and sometimes you just need to dig deeper and focus on audiences which could become your active clients as they are near you. Read more...

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The Updated Advertising Research and PLA Research Reports Are in Open Beta!

They say, “the only people who care about advertising are the people who work in advertising.” Well, in that case, we care a lot, and we know you do too. Today, we have updated two of our essential analytical reports, Advertising Research and PLA Research, which help you run your search advertising campaigns and take an inside look at your competitors' PLA strategies. Read more...

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Control the Facts About Your Brand With SEMrush + Yext

If you have ever stepped into the waters of local SEO, you will know that it is much deeper than it appears. It is critical to unify and manage business data across the whole internet, and it is no piece of cake. Read more...

SEMrush Listing Management

Brand Monitoring: GA Data and Filter Saving

We've been working so hard on improving our Brand Monitoring functionality that you could already call it 'Brand New Monitoring!' It remains an essential solution for tracking your brand’s online reputation on a daily basis. Today we’re happy to roll out a couple of updates that you will find extremely useful. Let’s take a look. Read more...

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