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Think Big with AI:
Small Business Content Marketing in 2024

Explore the report – get tips to boost your business growth with AI-powered content.

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Step into the future of content marketing

Our report is a toolkit for your content marketing success in 2024. Explore the key benchmarks, trends and tips for using AI the smart way.

  • “State of AI” industry survey

    Find out how small businesses all over the world use AI for content marketing and SEO, and what results they generate.

  • Top 8 trends: AI in content marketing

    Learn about the best practices for using AI to create successful content – according to some of the industry’s key experts.

  • Consumer preferences: AI vs. human content

    Explore how real-life consumers interact with written content and if AI-generated content can compete with human copy

  • AI Prompt Library for SEO and content

    Discover over 600 practical, ready-to-use prompts in over 17 categories – from content strategy to content writing and SEO optimization. 

Discover insights from industry pioneers

Gain practical perspectives from top minds in the content marketing world.

  • Michael Brenner

    Michael Brenner

    Content Marketing Agency CEO at Marketing Insider

  • Andy Crestodina

    Andy Crestodina

     Co-Founder and CMO
    at Orbit Media

  • Kyle Byers

    Kyle Byers

    Director of Growth Marketing
    at Semrush

  • Melanie Deziel

    Melanie Deziel

    Co-Founder of Creator Kitchen

  • Margarita Loktionova

    Margarita Loktionova

    Content Marketing Lead at Semrush

  • Ross Simmonds

    Ross Simmonds

    CEO of Foundation

  • João Amaro

    João Amaro

    Co-Founder of Podsqueeze

  • Vanhishikha Bhargava

    Vanhishikha Bhargava

    Founder, Contensify

A Few of the Key Findings

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  • 67% of small businesses already use AI for content and SEO

  • 68% of businesses report increased content marketing ROI with AI

  • 65% of companies achieve better SEO results thanks to AI

  • 49% of AI users craft complex, multi-step AI prompts

  • 99% use other tools for content and SEO in addition to AI

  • Real-life customers seem to engage more with AI-written copy

Use AI to create content that brings real results

Get practical, easy-to-follow advice and start making smarter, more impactful decisions today.

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