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Google’s June 2021 Core Update
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Google Outage on December 14
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Google Featured Snippet and Core Updates in January 2020: Expert Roundup
Google News Digest: Industry Articles, January 2020 Core Update, and More

Industry News

12 min read

Google News Digest: Industry Articles, January 2020 Core Update, and More

Welcome to the first Google News Digest of 2020. We are going to change things up this year and add some of the best and most helpful articles our industry shares, as well as news about Google. The information our industry provides is so important and helps businesses and agencies manage the constant changes Google makes, so we feel it makes sense to share their knowledge in this digest.
Melissa FachJan 15, 2020
Google News Digest: BERT, Search Quality Guidelines Updates, and More
Deepfakes: A Threat That’s Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Industry News

8 min read

Google News Digest: WSJ Controversy, Algorithm Updates, and More

It has been an interesting two weeks of Google news, updates, and industry anger. A major newspaper made some claims about Google that greatly upset the industry, and algorithm updates have caused a lot of problems for many businesses, bloggers, and agencies. However, throughout all the upset, Google has made some updates that will help businesses this holiday season.
Judith LewisNov 20, 2019
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