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Online Reputation To Win New Clients

How To Build an Online Reputation To Win New Clients

Our social team had a great conversation in last week‘s Semrushchat, with guest Kevin Gibbons and our community. They discussed strategies for building an online reputation that will help businesses win new clients. Topics discussed included common ORM issues, platforms to use, strategies for building a new reputations, ways to incentivize customers, and techniques for demonstrating expertise.
Melissa FachSep 02, 2019
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Why You Need To Stop Pitching Influencers

Why You Need To Stop Pitching Influencers

The power of influencers continues to grow stronger, and with this comes an outpouring of brands attempting to create relationships and work with these influencers. But how can you stand out from all the other brands in your target influencer‘s inbox? The answer comes when you stop trying to pitch them, and start involving them.
Michael QuocSep 21, 2017
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