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We are a team of dedicated digital marketing experts who are passionate about helping businesses succeed online.

We specifically help businesses solve the unique challenges that today’s companies are facing every day with online marketing & advertising.

We provide tremendous business experience, digital marketing technology, powerful insights about what works in today's climate, and experts who work together with you to get the results you want – more customers, more sales, more profits.​

Our name isn't a title, it's a testament to our DNA. We dive deep into your vertical to understand all aspects, from logistics to consumer behavior to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Our services include website design & development, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, reputation marketing, and more. We create a customized plan for your business that aligns with your goals and helps grow your business. Take your business to the next level and partner with us.



Casa Cubana is a catering service that has worked with the likes of Uber Amazon, PayPal and many renowned companies. Despite their reputable client base and dedication to quality and authenticity, Casa Cubana faced a challenge – their website was not yielding the desired level of online submissions.


Casa Cubana was in need of a website redesign to improve UX and increase conversions. Our team rose to the challenge and collaborated closely with Casa Cubana to understand their unique needs and expectations. We used this information to design and develop a website that's appealing and converts.


The new website was launched without any additional marketing efforts. Within the first month of launch, Casa Cubana saw a 300% increase in online submissions and the website received positive feedback from users for its improved design and ease of use.


A+ Urgent Care is an urgent care center that was started by two doctors who never had their own practice. However, they quickly found the challenge of juggling their medical responsibilities with their digital marketing needs overwhelming.Despite their best efforts, they decided to pass us the torch


Recognizing the need for professional marketing assistance, Dr. Jetley and Dr. Desai entrusted their digital marketing strategy to Vertical Guru. The company undertook a comprehensive revamp of A+ Urgent Care's online presence. We built a modern website and granular local marketing campaigns.


With their improved online presence and strategic digital marketing efforts, they saw a 312% year-over-year revenue increase and achieved an impressive 500 conversions per month. Moreover, they were able to sell their Cresskill practice to Englewood Hospital, while still remaining managing partners


Citipups is a longstanding pet store in New York City, but as a result of updated legislation like many other pet stores, they faced the prospect of significant changes to their business model, being forbidden from selling from retail storefronts any longer.


Citipups decided to pivot their business online with the help of our agency. We built a brand new website for Citipups where customers could view available puppies, learn more about the breeds, and even have the option to pay for a dog or leave a deposit upfront. We have also been doing SEO & SMM.


Within six months after the bill was approved, Citipups experienced a 250% increase in sales with a 60% increase in overall traffic from the previous timeperiod, moving them to the first page of many valuable search engine results pages. In addition, they got over 400,000 social media followers.

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