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At Velocity Sellers, we're not just an agency; we're your dynamic e-commerce partner, focused on conquering Amazon and beyond. Our passion drives a comprehensive suite of services tailored to propel your brand to new heights within the e-commerce realm.

Rooted in results-driven strategies crafted for your unique brand identity, we transcend 'good' for greatness. Our Fortune 500-level experts cover every e-commerce facet - from strategic planning, ad management, and SEO optimization to compelling listing copy and data-driven market insights.

Beyond strategy, our expertise spans design and logistics, ensuring both visual appeal and seamless operations. Our creative team crafts captivating listings while logistics ensure flawless backend flow, from warehouse to your customers' doorstep.

Every move is backed by meticulous analytics, transparently showcased in digestible reports. But it's not just about Amazon; we future-proof your brand with adaptable strategies across platforms.

Our commitment is unwavering; your goals drive our mission towards excellence. We're not content with mediocrity; your triumph is our relentless pursuit.

Join Velocity Sellers for a partnership dedicated to propelling your brand to unparalleled e-commerce success. Together, let's conquer the seas of this ever-expanding e-commerce world.

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Despite success on other channels, HALO saw little to no sales on Amazon before teaming up with Velocity Sellers to grow their business. Since joining, HALO has grown their most dominant e-commerce channel using both Vendor Central and Seller Central on Amazon.


Velocity Sellers reached HALO’s goals by using proprietary techniques, best practices, and consistent development of the platform.


THE RESULTS • From $0 per year to multimillions of dollars per year in sales • Advertising with a 12% ACOS.


Amazon vendors relied solely on Amazon's marketing via Vendor Central, lacking direct communication and growth strategies. Minimal listing optimization resulted in lower sales, despite competitive pricing.


Velocity Sellers initiated vital enhancements for the home goods company. We optimized Vendor Central listings for search, managed Sponsored Ads, and launched their FBA-powered 3rd Party Seller Central store. Initially, we tackled various issues, documented in the ads report.


Achievements: 80% revenue surge in Sponsored products in 2 months | 20% organic conversions rise in 4 months | Achieved 35% gross margins with Seller Central | Sustainable ad campaigns at 10% retail price | 40% sales boost in first 6 months


School Supplies company had advertising campaigns that were running at a very high cost. They had 750+ products but had not optimized them with keywords and had created no A+ pages. They consistently add products to their line every year but had no growth strategy.


Velocity Sellers created more efficient advertising campaigns as well as implemented coupons and promotions. Their listings were optimized, with A+ pages for their best sellers. Velocity Sellers communicated directly with the staff at Amazon on account issues to ensure the catalog was appropriately


Results: 50% increase over same period last year | 27% of sales YTD from Advertising 600% Return | Optimized catalog (750+ products) | Developed 22 A+ pages

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