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Named in the Top 15 of Best San Jose SEO Firms and among the 12 best SEO agencies on, we are proud to be a Google Partner, Bing Partner, a Clutch Verified Agency, WPEngine Preferred Partner, Cookiebot CMP Certified Partner, LinkedIn Marketing Fundamentals, Marketing Strategy, and LinkedIn Content and Creative Design Certified Professionals as well as digital marketing educators.

Our Services

We successfully serve our local, national, and international clients by providing the following:  

  • Web Analytics to ensure accurate conversion tracking, real-time dashboards, and synthesize insights for data-driven decision making
  • SEM (paid ads on Google, Bing Ads, and social platforms) to drive brand awareness, sales, and lead generation
  • SEO, using advanced techniques such as schema markup, to grow organic visibility
  • Content strategy and optimization to attract and engage audiences
  • WordPress, creating dynamic and accessible websites across devices

Benefits of Working With Spectrum

  1. Control and measure your data, so you're confident in decision-making across marketing channels
  2. Strategic and tactical collaboration delivered with transparency and integrity
  3. Foster continuous improvement that adjusts to evolving market conditions
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The website had a slow loading time using Google’s page speed insights despite implementing the usual optimization strategies like image optimization (resizing large photos) and minimizing the use of plug-ins. Some slow-loading pages were deindexed and were invisible in search results.


Google has repeatedly mentioned that fast (and secure) websites fare better in organic search (SEO) than those that do not. Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests. The project included site migration to a new server and speed optimization.


After migrating to our dedicated WPEngine server and optimizing the site for speed, we achieved: * 84% improvement in full loading time * 42% improvement in speed index * 46% improvement in first contentful paint (FCP)


A B2B SaaS client needed to optimize their Google Ads account to improve overall conversion performance and budget efficiency. This ongoing engagement focused on brand awareness and lead-generation campaigns.


We analyzed their eBook downloads and incorporated them into targeted campaigns to drive desired funnel engagement. We adjusted the conversion value of high-value lead forms so they were based on historical sales data and actual monetary values.


Transitioning from an initial optimization project, we now actively manage the account. We achieved: * 33.2% increase in overall conversion rate * 47.9% increase in overall conversions * Conversion rate is now consistently performing at 5.7% * eBook download rate is consistently performing at 16%


The client was spending $20K monthly on ads with a negative ROU. We determined their analytics tracking was incorrectly configured, and key pieces of data were missing from KPI reports. Many Ad Groups used irrelevant keywords and generated bidding wars on poorly-performing search terms.


* Created a tighter correlation between keywords, ads & landing pages * Switched to CPA strategy * Reconfigured Analytics for accurate data tracking * Implemented robust, low-cost tracking system


* Reduced customer acquisition costs from $90+ to $15 * Produced positive ROI within four months * Increased relevant, quality leads for their B2C and B2B audience * Revamped the website to match the customer journey

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