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The Blogsmith is a holistic B2B content agency that helps our clients deliver high-quality content that drives value across the entire sales funnel with a specialty in driving organic traffic through SEO so they can attract high-quality customers and build relationships with key stakeholders.

At The Blogsmith, we strive to be more than just a content agency:

  • We believe in high-quality content that prioritizes readers.
  • We leverage processes, data, and technology to optimize results.
  • We welcome feedback and input and always want to level up our approach to creating great content.
  • We collaborate with you as one team. We believe in long-term relationships.

Our Founder Maddy Osman is the bestselling author of “Writing for Humans and Robots: The New Rules of Content Style.” Maddy’s journey from freelance writer to founder and CEO of The Blogsmith yielded numerous insights to share about content creation for enterprise B2B technology brands. Her efforts earned her a spot in Semrush’s and BuzzSumo’s Top 100 Content Marketers and The Write Life’s 100 Best Websites for Writers.

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As an enterprise-level leader in the hosting services industry, Nexcess faced a tough challenge to make a splash with its blog in a competitive space dominated by big-name companies. They struggled with scaling content production and SEO.


Nexcess partnered with The Blogsmith to help it create an enterprise-level content marketing strategy. The Blogsmith handled ideation and content creation while leveraging SEO research. They also incorporated editing strategies to improve lead generation and conversion of existing assets.


After partnering with The Blogsmith, Nexcess saw a 5600% boost in organic traffic due to getting top 10 SERP ranking for 779 keywords, including first result ranking for 92 keywords and 69 featured snippets. Their blog grew to bring in 58,554 new users in the first six months.


As an insurance startup launched in 2020, Goodcover faced the challenge of making a name for itself in an industry where its competitors had seemingly unlimited marketing budgets and more than 90 years of brand-building behind them.


The Blogsmith's strategies for Goodcover mainly revolve around SEO (search engine optimization) and leveraging best practices for all articles. The Blogsmith also implemented a workflow that generates one article a week.


The results include 1,374% increase in organic traffic, 1,150% increase in content production, and 138 keywords with a page 1 ranking. The Blogsmith wrote 50 articles, resulting in 138 page 1 Google rankings, 22 first-position rankings, and 22 featured snippet results.


As an innovative tech startup, Hourly looked to build a strong online presence with a lean in-house team. Hourly set out to create a blog while struggling with lower search engine results page (SERP) visibility and not having enough expert content creators with SEO knowledge.


Hourly worked with Maddy Osman, who brought along her own team and agency, The Blogsmith. By working together, The Blogsmith provides high-quality articles for Hourly’s blog while also bringing in its search engine optimization (SEO) expertise and offering extra value.


Articles by The Blogsmith contribute more than 40K monthly organic traffic visits. Their content leads to 331 First Position Rankings and 227 Featured Snippets 26 articles by The Blogsmith also ranked in the top 3 of SERPs, with 55 articles ranking in the top 10.

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