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Smartboost is a Growth Marketing agency that specializes in helping Ecommerce tech products, startups, software, and SaaS businesses achieve sustainable growth through the use of data-driven marketing strategies. As a Digital Marketing agency, we are dedicated to retaining customers and growing revenue by leveraging technology, data, and customer insights to identify opportunities for growth.

Our approach to marketing goes beyond just attracting customers – we focus on retaining them and growing revenue through a comprehensive data-driven strategy. Our expert team has helped countless businesses in the tech industry achieve explosive growth by executing effective marketing campaigns that go beyond traditional digital marketing. We are a leader in the Growth Marketing movement, with a focus on data-driven marketing strategies that help businesses unlock their full potential for sustainable growth.

As a Growth Consulting agency, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we tailor our data-driven marketing strategies to fit the specific needs and goals of each client. Whether you are a startup looking to establish a strong online presence, or an established business seeking to optimize your marketing efforts for maximum growth, our team has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

We invite you to explore our case studies on the Smartboost website and see how we have helped other businesses achieve exceptional results. Choose Smartboost as your Growth Consulting partner and unlock your business's potential for sustainable growth. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our client, a global procurement software provider, needed to increase brand awareness and lead generation in the North American market. The main challenges were the lack of a defined content strategy, the differences in users’ online behavior between continents, and slow ranking of key words.


Smartboost implemented a data-driven SEO strategy based on a predictive search ranking machine learning model to increase organic traffic through multiple SEO tactics. The goal was to get more traction from organic search to be able to generate more sustainable traffic and revenue.


After 12 months, overall website traffic increased by 122%, going from 4,401 website users to 9,792. Organic traffic rose by 33%, resulting in an increase in organic lead generation by 93%.


Smartboost's goal was to increase organic traffic for our shipping logistics client. The biggest challenge was with their website, which had an outdated interface, minimal relevant content, and misaligned high-performing content.


Smartboost immediately implemented growth marketing tactics such as optimized SEO, content marketing, and CRO. After updating the website homepage based on user data, we focused on re-optimizing blogs and landing pages to drive customer to their services.


We increased the number of organic traffic by 588%. Monthly users went up from 5,800 to 31,227 in just 12 months. We also increased the number of monthly Marketing Qualified Leads from 15 to 36, and the number of Sales Qualified Leads from 13 to 31. *budget shown as zero for confidentiality


Smartboost worked with a subscription-based software client, aiming to lower their CPA while increasing customer acquisition. The company's CPA started at $9.06. We created a custom plan to optimize the client's budget and improve their acquisition strategies through growth marketing.


Our strategy to achieve the client's goal of reducing CPA involved growth hacking tactics to analyze user conversion keywords and app usage patterns. This enabled us to identify the optimal channel to focus on and transition from a comprehensive marketing approach to a sprint marketing focus.


Our implementation of a sprint marketing approach resulted in explosive growth and cost optimization for the client. Within six months, the strategy reduced the client's CPA from $9.06 to $0.12, while optimizing for paid users by 96%. *Budget is shown as zero for confidentiality

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