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With more than 27 years of SEO experience contracting for other marketing agencies, we're the most popular company that nobody knows about (yet)!

We are now offering our services direct to business owners. Quality matters and results matter, and that is what makes us different from 99% of other agencies.

We've had owners of marketing agencies demand low quality AI work to reduce fees. Even when warned about poor search engine rankings from low AI quality work, they still insisted. SideBacon doesn't cut corners to save a buck. When you hire us for SEO services, you can rest assured that we're doing everything in our power to accomplish your long-term goals.

Local SEO in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Anywhere in Florida or Worldwide

Our specialty is local business SEO. We'll rank your company website in the top 10 for "city name" x "product / service" keywords. For example, if you run a luxury transportation service company in Ft Myers, we can rank you for terms like "Fort Myers limo service" and "Cape Coral limo service".

The best part about using our service is we are skilled with ranking your company for multiple cities. If your service area is anywhere in Southwest Florida, we can rank your business for Naples, Marco Island, Port Charlotte, Lehigh Acres, and other cities in the region. For businesses that do business anywhere in the state, we can even rank you in cities like Tampa, Orlando, and Miami.

Custom Plans to Fit Any Marketing Budget

We know business finances and marketing expenses can be a challenge. On top of that, each business is unique with challenges, opportunities, and long-term goals.

Before any client starts an SEO campaign with us, we have a free consultation with you about your company, your budget, your website, and your goals. For some businesses, SEO simply isn't a great fit and we'll tell you if that is the case for yours instead of trying to sell services to you anyways.

By taking the time to get to know your business and researching information about your current online presence, we're able to offer customized SEO plans to each client. At SideBacon, we believe in only selling you services that you need. Some clients only need their website optimized and new content. Other clients just need backlinks. Most clients will need a combination of multiple types of work to achieve their long-term SEO goals. We identify exactly what needs to be done and put you on an active strategy plan to accomplish your goals with your budget.



Client wanted a custom WordPress eCommerce site created, loaded with their products, and optimized for search rankings. This was an ongoing SEO project that lasted 2.5 years. The goal was to have the site built and ready for sales in two months, and then continue to grow the site & improve rankings


We were 100% in charge of the creation, maintenance, management, and marketing of the entire website from scratch. The client didn't want to spent money on PPC ads. All traffic and sales should come from organic search rankings and social. Over 2.5 years, over 4,000 pages were created on the site.


2 mths after work started, the site opened for sales. 1st mth sales were $14,000 USD. 7 mths after opening, the site did $35,000 in a single month. A year later, it grossed $51,000+ in 1 mth and had 1000s of monthly Google clicks. Total Sales in 2.5 Years: $561,669.96 Avg Mthly Sales: $19,367.93


A long-term SEO client that has been with us for over 10 years had to see some incredible results to keep using our services for that long. What did one of our clients get for 10 years of service at $1,000 per month?


We built the initial website, planned a short-term and long-term SEO strategy, and maintained consistent quality content creation & high-quality backlink profile building. Reasonable to high traffic keyword phrases are targeted in one of the top 10 metro areas in the USA for a competitive industry.


After 10 years of our SEO services, we've achieved over 100 rankings in the #1 - #3 position & almost 200 in the #4 - #10 spots on Google. The organic rankings give over 10,000 monthly clicks from Google. CPC for PPC is $20+ on these keywords. They earn 17 yrs of SEO fees in clicks every month now


Initial on-site optimization for a new client - a car and limousine service. More work will continue in coming months, but this client paid another SEO company for 8 years with minimal results. They were hesitant to give us a try at first and requested fast results to prove we know what we're doing.


Revised the content of 30 pages on the client website. Low quality content was previously used. Keyword research was performed and pages were picked for initial work. Most of the existing content was completely removed and rewritten.


Before work, tracked keywords had these Google Search rankings: #1-#3 Rankings: 1 #4-#10 Rankings: 16 #11-#20 Rankings: 51 Total Monthly Google Clicks: 77 2 weeks after work began, here are stats: #1-#3 Rankings: 4 #4-#10 Rankings: 26 #11-#20 Rankings: 44 Total Monthly Google Clicks: 155

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