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We're an award-winning, full service Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Management. Considered by many to be the best in the field but don't just take out word for it. SEP was hand selected by Google as a Premier Partner and ranks in the top 3% of agencies globally. In two and a half decades we've helped 2,500+ businesses reach their goals - including Local, Regional, National and Global brands. We bring a combination of cutting-edge technology and an un-matched team of 65+ people to every project. Our success lies in being able to consistently deliver real and measurable results while maintaining honesty and fairness. And it shows - 95% of our clients never leave! That's why we don't lock any clients into fixed term contracts: you're free to come or go at any time if need be. Want some help getting started? Just reach out today and book some time with one of our strategists who will build a tailored plan just for your specific needs!

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SUBARU competitors have become increasingly aggressive in their Search efforts by bidding against SUBARU Model terms, often on a broad modified basis which increases costs significantly. Given budget constraints we had to create a sustainable approach to decreasing the amount of spent.


Phase 1 – Setup: SEP implemented “Observe Only” audiences for all SUBARU Model Search efforts. Phase 2 – Analyze: SEP worked alongside Google to complete a “Co-Search” study which provided insight into which competitors are most often serving ads against SUBARU. Phase 3 – Bid Modification Testing


We were able to leverage Audience Targeting and Bid Modifications to reduce spend and improve budget use. 77% decrease in average CPC for people classified as In-Market for SUBARU 21% increase in percentage of New Sessions 32% increase in spend behind people not identified as In-Market for SUBARU


The Discovery Channel website faced technological issues and as a result many pages over 6 months old had still not yet been indexed by search engines. Discovery Channel’s goal was to resolve the technological issues and increase the amount of traffic to the Canadian website.


To resolve this situation, Search Engine People developed a search engine marketing strategy and an actionable SEO plan that included an integration of on-page organic optimization with social media. And the creation of a comprehensive blog strategy to help Discovery reach a wider audience.


The search engine marketing strategies generated by Search Engine People were a tremendous success: ​ - Unique visitors increased by 70% YoY.​ - YoY organic search traffic increased by 112.4% ​ - Pages indexed by search engines increased by 4150% from 400,000 to over 17 million in one year.


Cineplex was looking to increase revenue however with the diversification of Cineplex offerings, each product would need its own strategic direction and considerations. In addition, the solution we implemented needed to consider multiple products while accurately tracking cross-device behaviour.


We developed campaigns to promote premium products/content, focusing budget on more profitable audiences. We implemented cross-device tracking and had Cineplex whitelisted for Store Visit conversions. This allowed us to measure/optimize for conversions and measure ROI for in-theatre purchases.


The campaign resulted in a 42% higher ROAS, a second campaign targeting SCENE members delivered a 15% increase. Our campaigns and advanced measurement tools revealed consumer behaviour and trends. We discovered: 20% of users used multiple devices, and 66% of users searched online but paid in person.

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