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SalesNash is a lead generation and appointment-setting company with a deep specialization in outbound pre-sales. Whether you need an accurate list of leads for your SDRs to run the outreach, or you're looking for the entire SDR team to book discovery meetings with potential clients - we can provide dedicated resources.

With the fast onboarding, short ramping-up, manual approach to list building, and highly segmented multichannel outreach we're able to bring appointments even for the toughest industries.

Over the past 5 years, we've had great runs with the companies from:

  • SaaS (, Yodeck)
  • Software Development (Virtido, Digital Scientists)
  • Recruitment (Cielo, Putnam Recruiting)
  • Life Sciences (Biovision Diagnostics, InVivo Biosciences)

Along with that, the list of happy clients ranges from Marketing Agencies to HIPPA Consultancies, and we'll be happy to look into your specific case as well.

SalesNash managed to reach a 90% customer retention rate by sticking to the F.A.C.T. principle:

F - Feedback and Flexibility. The team heavily relies on the client's input and is pretty fast to adjust the process accordingly.

A - Accuracy and Automation. While a manual approach to research allows us to get 99% data accuracy, we rely on automation whenever it's relevant which brings our clients only high-quality appointments.

C - Customization and Creativity. To get results from outbound you need to get really precise with your target audience and its segments, thus the team is always looking for the most appealing approach to each specific part of your ICP.

T - Timelines and Trackability. The client wants results and wants them fast, and to give that we work intensely on speeding up the ramp-up period, while providing the client with relevant updates on the deliverables.

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to check out our:

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  • プロジェクトベース
  • $2,500 +
  • Canada
  • 英語
  • フランス語


Contact Center SAAS company, Nectar Desk required assistance in filling Sales team with high quality opportunities withing North America


Identifying ideal client profile together with customized outbound approach set client up with predictable deal flow. Outbound mix included Linkedin outreach, cold emails together with cold calls and sms campaigns


During 6 month project period, close to 100 opportunities were generated with combined deal value - 1 mln in ARR


The whole idea of the project is to define the right partner, thus reach out to them with appropriate messaging. This is more about expanding the company horizontally – we were looking for long-term business relationships, not for quick deals.


So for us to have the widest grasp possible - we decided to cover non-English speaking countries as well. It turned out to be a great idea and thus 3 main campaigns were focused on various verticals in dozens of countries at a time.


Throughout the whole timeline of the project, the SalesNash team managed to schedule 3-4 appts with pre-qualified partners per week on average. Reach and keep high campaign open rates and achieve strong response rates.


Complex Enterprise Outreach: Engaging with large enterprises presented significant challenges, including difficulty in scheduling calls and convincing potential clients to reconsider their existing operations.


Regular coordination meetings and shared project management tools enabled a deep integration of SalesNash within CDS’s operational framework, facilitating joint brainstorming sessions. We employed a combination of advanced boolean searches and other manual research techniques.


Appointment Scheduling: Averaged 4 large enterprise appointments and 5-7 smaller company appointments monthly, with a peak of 20 appointments in one month. Prospect Generation: Consistently generated around 2,000 prospects per month.

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Thoma Simpsonon
Jun 1, 2023

SalesNash has been instrumental in our companies marketing & sales strategy. Within 3 months of hiring them, our number of booked calls tripled, and our sales more than doubled! I was looking for an outside sales development rep team focused on SaaS, and these guys came highly recommended. Big thanks to Andrew for giving us outstanding service. We dont see a future where we wont be using SalesNash for lead generation and appointment setting. 100/10, would recommend.

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