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ROI Amplified was founded in 2017 in St Pete Beach, Florida. ROI Amplified immediately started working with franchises and large enterprise companies with their lead generation, website development design, and marketing automation. Fast forward to 2023 ROI Amplified now has 3 locations (Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg), Florida to be closer to their larger customers across Florida. Our agency is headquartered in the heart of Downtown Tampa, and we handle marketing for clients all over the country from LA to Washington D.C. ROI Amplified is a retainer-based marketing agency that offers Google Ads, Social Ads, SEO, Hubspot management, Web Design, Web development, email & automation.

Our Mission at ROI Amplified

ROI Amplified is committed to giving our clients an ROI on their marketing dollars and properly tracking the entire process to prove it. Our culture of continuous improvement and passion for helping our clients succeed are what sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies. We promise to:

  1. Be Transparent
  2. Give the Client the truth at all times
  3. Educate the Client Along the Way
  4. Never Sell the Client Service They Don’t Need
  5. Continue To Optimize
  6. Make Data-Driven Decisions
  7. Never Lock a Client Into a Long-Term Contract

Whether you're looking for someone to run all of your marketing or just outsource one of your marketing objectives, ROI Amplified can handle it!

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More Vang specializes in producing high-quality physical, offline marketing products. They even offer Algorithmic Direct Mail. They were using numerous marketing systems among a couple of their brands and needed to get all of it into one CRM. ROI Amplified recommended Hubspot.


We connected all of their brand's data, marketing, email, sales, and support to Hubspot's Platform. Now with a centralized hub, they could see all of their data in one place to make the flow from marketing to sales seamless. With a clean data source we could easily see if marketing was working.


Due to the automation built together, More Vang was able to quickly increase leads and sales for across their brands. One of their brands in particular saw an increase of 50% in leads and sales from improving the conversion process and segmented email marketing.


My Firm 360 was having some success with their Google Ads Campaigns but reached out to ROI Amplified to see if we could improve it before their upcoming busy period. They wanted to increase leads by at least 25%. We felt their website needed revamped but they wanted to hold off on that for now.


ROI Amplified got to work with our proven PPC process. We immediately performed our comprehensive Google Ads audit. It was discovered that My Firm 360 had fraudulent click issues, a bloated keyword universe, and was mainly going after non-intent keywords. We completely rebuilt the campaigns.


My Firm 360 had the following results: -111.53% Increase in Conversions -Cost Per Conversion decreased by 30% -113% Increase in ROAS -25% Decrease in Cost-Per-Click -20% Increase in Conversion Rate -62% Increase in Conversion Value (Customers Bought more)


Easy Vista came to ROI Amplified unhappy with their PPC results from another well-known agency. Easy Vista uses Hubspot which we love to use with PPC campaigns because there is nowhere to hide! Easy Vista needed more leads with less budget and felt they needed some more effort.


ROI Amplified first ensured Hubspot and Google Ads were properly connecting for tracking. If we are going to make data-driven decisions the data better be correct. Next, we audited the account and cut the number of keywords from 15,000 to only 250 which were driving all the conversions.


Leads are up 48% while cutting the overall spending by a whopping 60%! This is why we do not believe in % of ad spend. ROI Amplified's Enterprise PPC has allowed Easy Vista to use that additional budget to go after new territories and expand its business's reach.

Tampa, Florida, United StatesのエージェンシーROI Amplifiedは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでEasy Vistaのビジネスを成長させました
Tampa, Florida, United StatesのエージェンシーROI Amplifiedは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでPool Troopersのビジネスを成長させました
Tampa, Florida, United StatesのエージェンシーROI Amplifiedは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでBausch Healthのビジネスを成長させました
Tampa, Florida, United StatesのエージェンシーROI Amplifiedは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでPasco EDCのビジネスを成長させました
Tampa, Florida, United StatesのエージェンシーROI Amplifiedは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでDex Imagingのビジネスを成長させました
Tampa, Florida, United StatesのエージェンシーROI Amplifiedは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでMore Vangのビジネスを成長させました
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