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Rock Salt Marketing specializes in SEO, paid search, and web design. We have extensive experience helping everyone from Fortune 500 franchises to mom & pop shops reach peak performance online. Our top priorities are results, transparency, & honesty.

Rock Salt Marketing Cooperative was founded by two friends—the kind that are more like brothers than anything else—who share their passions for marketing and the great outdoors. We spent the first 10 years of our careers working at large marketing agencies that consistently put profit over people. We gained a lot of experience and did a lot of great work, but what we learned most was that marketing (and just about everything else) is about human relationships; relationships between business and client, company and customer, and employer and employee.

We founded Rock Salt Marketing to regain our freedom to treat people right and provide the quality services that our clients expect for honest fees. We prioritize our relationships with clients and are committed to meeting the highest expectations of honesty, transparency, and integrity. Furthermore, we’ve structured Rock Salt Marketing Cooperative in a way that ensures that each team member’s success is synonymous with the success of the company, so you can be sure that our team’s best interest is the same as yours.

Rock Salt Marketing Coop operates out of Salt Lake City, Utah; a city and state composed of stunning landscapes that inspire and energize our work every day. When we're not working on your website, we're outside appreciating the natural playground that we live in. Drop us a line to learn more about our team and what Rock Salt Marketing Cooperative can do for your business. We're always eager to forge new relationships.

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Increase Website visits, Google Business visits, and clientele.


Rock Salt worked with Gail to select focus keywords related to her most lucrative services and developed a sound content strategy based on those queries and searcher intent. We built service pages for each of her offerings, optimized core pages, and wrote blogs to establish her as a thought leader.


1,120% Increase in Estimated Keyword Traffic. 943% Increase in YoY Appointments. ∞ Increase in First Page Keyword Rankings. Rock Salt’s content, backlinks, and local SEO efforts have helped Gail’s practice improve keyword rankings, website traffic, and most importantly, appointment bookings.


This franchise pest control company owner approached us to improve upon his past agency’s SEO efforts and help his business reach peak performance online. This franchise owner was looking for improved keyword rankings, increased website traffic, and greater sales.


We developed comprehensive content, backlinking, local SEO, and Google Ad strategies. Our principal SEO focus was to create location pages for each of the 70+ cities this company services. For Google Ads we implemented automated bid strategies, improved campaign structure, and actively acclimated.


7%+ Increase in keyword ranking visibility. 188%+ Increase in YoY first-page rankings. 68%+ Increase in Google Business views. 424% Increase in monthly Google Ads leads. 251% Improvement in Cost Per Lead. 205% Increase in paid search website traffic.


This property management franchise didn't have the best experience with marketing agencies in the past and was looking for an agency that would give them the time, attention, and results they deserved. The company wanted to improve keyword rankings, website traffic, manage more properties.


The Rock Salt team established a foolproof plan to improve content across the company’s website (including more than 50 “areas served” pages), support the content with high-quality backlinks, and enhance the franchise’s Google Maps presence. We set up advanced tracking and reporting.


3.5%+ Increase in Keyword Ranking Visibility. 50%+ Increase in YoY Website Clicks. 450%+ Increase in Website Phone Calls. Our winning strategies helped this property management franchise significantly amplify keyword rankings, website traffic, Google Business engagement, and conversions.

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