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Perfect Afternoon, a digital agency with 25 years of experience, specializes in SEO-focused business web designs and comprehensive marketing strategies. Our process begins with a detailed audit of your web properties, assessing the site’s architecture, SEO efficacy, and alignment with your business objectives.

The audit examines your website’s structure to ensure it supports SEO and user experience, pinpointing any elements that may hinder performance. We then conduct an SEO audit, reviewing on-page factors such as keyword optimization and meta descriptions, as well as off-page elements like backlinks and competitor analysis. This thorough evaluation identifies opportunities for improving visibility and search engine ranking.

Understanding your business goals is crucial to our strategy. Whether you aim to increase leads, boost sales, or enhance brand awareness, we tailor the website’s strategy to meet these goals effectively. We take into account your target audience's behaviors and preferences to optimize both the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), creating an engaging online environment that facilitates goal completion.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is underpinned by a data-focused approach. We rigorously monitor and analyze traffic and user interactions, using this data to understand what elements of your site are performing well and which are not. Metrics such as bounce rate, conversion rate, and user engagement are tracked to inform our ongoing enhancements in web design and functionality.

Ongoing, we assess how users interact with your site to identify any barriers to completing intended goals along with following trends, Core Updates and affects to refine your tactics.

PA uses a comprehensive audit as the foundation for strategic development, ensuring every aspect of your web presence—from technical SEO to user experience design—is optimized and aligned with your broader business objectives.

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Develop a new brand, messaging and website for smoke detection kits marketed to used car shoppers, dealerships, and rental agencies, enabling users to objectively measure whether a vehicle has been smoked in. Product is in development stages and no production yet.


PA ran through a discovery process that extracted the needs and wants, then applied concepts against likes and parallel competition. Creation was a log, brand voice and guidelines to be applied in WordPress/WooCommerce for consumer and business sales.


After interviewing nine different agencies, we chose PA because they provided the most value at a competitive price. Collaboration began with brand development, followed by the creation of our brand book, and culminated in the construction of our website. End products exceeded our goals.


Create a new consumer-focused epoxy brand from our corporate B2B manufacturer.


Perfect Afternoon developed a new Entropy Resin website with custom backend programming on WordPress and WooCommerce. They integrated it with our ERP and Salesforce CRM, conducted market analysis, and manage our SEO and SEM, enhancing our online presence effectively.


Since relaunch, sales have surged by 56% year-to-date. Integration with our CRM simplifies marketing to end consumers and facilitates linking social campaigns to our site for more information. Educational content has been awarded and seen increased SM ambassador inquiries.


Revise our corporate flagship web presence for better organic; establish new child company websites with ERP integrations.


PA redesigned an existing WordPress site, then built a new e-commerce site from a child company. For over 5 years they've managed both development and design, incorporating our revisions and goals while advising on best practices, leveraging their extensive experience.


PA has been an asset int he structures of our corporate digital initiatives for the pat 5 years. We learned early on to communicate the pains, needs and wants and then allow them to provide solutions with our team. They are process-driven and very much a partner in our growth for sales.

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