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We are exceptionally good at paid marketing! We manage clients who spend $5,000 to $150,000 per month on social media marketing.

At Norsu, not only do we provide a solid ROI, we agree KPIs and key metrics with all of our clients. We pride ourselves in our communication and expert guidance - with us you'll always understand what's going on in your accounts and we won't pull the wool over your eyes with gobbledegook...


"They were obviously an innovative company that delivered brilliant results."

"Their capacity to produce interesting, pertinent material that connected with our audience was simply amazing."

“Norsu Media is very approachable, professional, and responsive, and they act as another member of our team.”

"They provided me with insight and strategy for Facebook ads and even went the extra mile, which I really appreciated!"

Want to get started with us? Our team of experts offer a variety of services, so feel free to schedule a call with our Directors and see if we can help!

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Client had an absolutely huge website, with 14k pages indexed. A lot of this was old, outdated content that wasn't doing anything. There also wasn't a solid SEO focused plan.


We audited the old pages, structure & technical aspects of the site (with over 2,000 errors) and got set to work on marking pages for deletion, redirection or updating. Then we started working with the client on how to put an SEO strategy together, that ensures organic traffic will flow to the site.


We fixed the errors (it took a long time!), made lists of pages to delete and redirect and a queue of pages to update. Then we put our SEO content strategy together and hit 150k organic clicks in a single month!


The client needed more organic traffic to complement their paid marketing efforts but had no in-house writers and very little SEO experience. They had an ok backlink profile but no real content or structure.


We came in and did a complete audit of their website and their competitors. We worked with them to put together a plan of content they could rank for that would also bring in leads. Developing backlink solutions was an ongoing process.


We managed to take them from a handful of clicks per day (mostly on branded keywords) to several hundreds per day, whilst still being able to convert the traffic.


The client had a reasonable amount of organic traffic but didn't have much consistency, structure or systemisation in place. This made it difficult for them to produce regular, optimised content that converted.


We brought them onto our system, in a hybrid role, where they wrote the content based on our briefs, and we handled the technical aspects of it. After our audit and content clustering, we set about hammering out some top quality content every week.


After 30 days the results could be seen but after 4-5 months, we had a whopping increase in impressions and clicks. It allowed us to refocus, take what Google had given us, and develop a new strategy to keep their growth rate going. One of our favourite case studies!

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