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Maratopia helps ambitious and challenger brands realise their goals online. Working for them and with them to forensically improve their SEO and target new opportunities

  • Ever wondered why 1 competitor keeps getting higher than you?
  • Need to launch a new brand but don't know where to start, what traffic to budget for?
  • Need a strategic SEO plan that takes into account your skills, your ambitions and supplements your team with expertise and bandwidth?
  • Worried about losing your rankings changing your website platform?
  • Just been hit with a Google penalty?
  • Need to know how you can hot this year's budget?

Maratopia will work along side your team craft an afforabe strategy to meet your goals.

Our expertise or wheelhouse is:

  • Technical Audit
  • Keyword Opportunities
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Blogging

We always start with a forensic analysis of your Search Space, ie the best way to see what works in your industry is to look at who's successful and why, and to create an actionable gap analysis.

We then look for opportunities and seperate out structural long term improvements form quick wins to create an executable Strategy.

If invited, we will then execute the strategy with you, either with your team for your team or as your team, we can even train your team. The key is that you only pay for what you need so that you get the best return for your investment and so that we do the heavy lifting that you need, not the easy stuff that can be done in house.



Increase visiibility and sign ups for online degrees Varioable budget based around £8,000pm plus PPC Adwords spend. We had previously redesigned teh webiste to best accessibility and core web vital standards and ensured an excellent SEO hygiene, so future SEO would be progressive rather than fixes


Initial Analysis to detemine SEO gaps Targeted PPC working hand in hand with SEO to gain new visitors Blogging to increase visibility, & provide broader information SEO Content -rewriting all course pages to be best in class for SEO and usability Technical SEO Link Building to increase authority


Increased Conversion Rate 33% Attained 10s of Featured Snippets with Blogs Increased organic traffic to coutrse pages by 40% year on year Converted and updated website to improve accessibility and core web vitals Backlink profile increased TF and DA Increased New Student Enrolments


£1,700 per month Budget To take a newly launched website with no traffic and generate leads. Upto to now the old website had never delivered leads and had almost no visibility


Maratopia first built the new website before this project applying all the best in class technical SEO. The key was to analyse the competitor search space and determine the best industry practice, and the level of speed and core web vitrals to be top so that there was a good base to build the SEO.


The Analysis also provided the info determine which element of SEO were most lacking . Maratopia now with a good websiote buid to work off, set about -creating best in class content, -local citations -backlinks through outreach articles The result was a masive increase in traffic and leads (340%)


Budget of £2,000 per month Client had always been just outrdie the top 10 for "stairlift removal" the aim was to get them into the top 10 for this valuable phrase


1) Initial Competitor Search Space Analysis, to determine what Google rewards in this industry and to establish the SEO gaps or weaknesses, to create a precise strategy 2) Improve SEO Hygiene 3) Rewrite content 4) Internal Linking 5) Grow Website Authority through outreach articles / backlinks


Within 6 months hitting No 1 for the valuable term "stairlift removal"

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