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Expertise and Approach:

Lazarev Agency stands at the forefront of digital transformation, offering exclusive insights into UI/UX and product design. Our approach involves a deep understanding of AI-powered solutions, underpinned by a partnership mentality that aligns with our clients' evolving needs and business goals. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, from each Figma pixel to every user experience interaction​​​​​​.

Success Stories and Portfolio:

Our track record boasts over 50 sustainable startup products and assistance to 400+ brands in securing funding, achieving successful acquisitions, and gaining global recognition. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of digital designs, including B2B SaaS, B2C mobile apps, and marketing designs, catering to both early-stage startups and established enterprises​​​​.

Services and Solutions:

We offer comprehensive, custom-tailored design services to support startups at every growth stage. This includes launching MVPs, revamping products, securing funding with UI prototypes, and enhancing customer engagement and conversions. Our services are designed to meet the unique challenges of each project, ensuring long-term sustainability and success​​​​.

Industry Impact:

Our industry-specific knowledge and expertise in digital product design enable us to solve the right problems, create impactful products, and deliver precisely designed solutions. We avoid blind conformity and misaligned designs, focusing instead on creating scalable, sustainable digital products​​​​.

Recognition and Awards:

As an award-winning agency, we have won over 120 design awards up to 2023, sharing stages with notable brands. Our commitment extends beyond design delivery; we work to build brand recognition and expand our clients' reach through international awards and promotions​​.

Philosophy and Methodology:

Lazarev is a powerhouse of AI technology, creative audacity, and a strong business mindset. We delve deep into user and market research, product positioning, prototyping, visual design, and user testing. Our team challenges conventional approaches, asking critical questions and seeking innovative solutions that deliver tangible results



At, we faced a unique challenge with Kin Ecosystem, a leader in the web3 space. They needed a website revamp to stay ahead in the digital race. Despite a solid community, their online presence required a fresh, dynamic redesign.


We undertook this task with a clear vision. Our team focused on creating an engaging user experience with a well-structured sitemap. We integrated innovative 3D models and animations, ensuring the website was not only visually stunning but also narrative-driven and mobile-responsive.


Our redesign efforts led to a phenomenal 120% increase in website traffic for Kin Ecosystem. This success underscored the effectiveness of our approach, proving that strategic, user-centric web design is crucial in the ever-evolving web3 market.


At, we were approached by Bluwalk to enhance their website's user experience and conversion rate. Bluwalk, aiming to simplify job access for couriers and drivers, needed a platform that mirrored this simplicity and efficiency in its digital interface.


We initiated a comprehensive UI/UX overhaul for the product. Our strategy focused on decluttering the sign-up interface and enhancing the overall app structure. By rectifying navigational glitches and reorganizing key features, we aimed to elevate the user experience to be more intuitive.


Our redesign efforts led to a remarkable doubling of Bluwalk's sign-up rates, jumping from 9% to 20%. This success highlighted the impact of user-centric design and strategic functionality improvement in enhancing user trust and interaction with the platform.


At, we joined hands with Fieldstream, a creative Swedish company specializing in marketing tools. They needed our help to make their complex software easier to use, especially for people not familiar with tech, to improve their overall experience.


We set out to refine Fieldstream's app, aiming for elegance and simplicity. Our vision was to create a dashboard that was both powerful and easy to navigate. We wanted to make sure that both beginners and experts could use the app effortlessly and enjoyably.


Our collaborative effort was a triumph, culminating in Fieldstream raising an impressive $3.8 million. This funding was a testament to our successful redesign and partnership. It was a joy to contribute to a product that is evolving and making waves in the market.

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