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Hot Dog Marketing partners with small service-based businesses to provide first-class marketing services. We love to help others grow and test everything we do out with our own agency and marketing! From developing a smart strategy for your business to executing your marketing needs, Hot Dog Marketing is a branding and digital marketing company that has expertise in serving companies looking to build their brand and reputation as experts in their industries.
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The Law Office of Ryan Deck approached Hot Dog Marketing with interest in growing their social media and establishing brand awareness to become a trusted local source in Williamson County for criminal defense. The client began with almost no social presence.


Hot Dog Marketing determined a strategy to increase brand awareness that fit within the budget and goals of The Law Office of Ryan Deck. The solution was to establish stronger local brand awareness through social media and social advertising campaigns with a crucial focus on video marketing.


After working on the account for 11 months, 6,802 new users visited The Law Offices of Ryan Deck website. Our partnership began in September of 2021 where there is a sudden spike in website traffic. There was 12% growth on the client’s social media accounts in just a few months.



Dick Sangerオン
Jan 12, 2024

Jessica is always First Class. Excellent presentation well delivered and understood. I attended her session yesterday 1-11-24 and it was to a packed room of senior Managers and Business owners. She did an outstanding job focusing on Trends in Marketing: Layered Strategies; AI Powered Marketing; Optimize for voice and AI searches; Remember to Write the way people talk; Video First Social Contact; Creating Customer Delight and looking at Marketing's Flywheel rather than a typical Funnel. Remember - Responsiveness is #1. Memorable story: Best customer for Marriott is the one who had a problem with Marriott and they solved it.

Chloe Wilsonオン
Aug 3, 2023

I attended an amazing "Lunch 'n Learn" with lots of wisdom on growing a company with purpose and building brand equity. "Your purpose is your 100-year legacy".... powerful insights for all, regardless of your phase in building your brand. 10/10 would recommend connecting with Jessica and her team at HDM.

Shannon Blackオン
Jan 12, 2024

1/12/2024 Updated review...I sold my business in 2022 and thought I was out of the business game, but I'm starting another one and more excited than ever. I contacted Hot Dog Marketing to ask for help with a new logo, website, etc. and they told me they also have a monthly informational Lunch N Learn event where Jessica Scanlon, the Owner, speaks on a different topic. Yesterday's topic was Marketing Trends of 2024. I learned so much, I was took four pages of notes! Even though I'm hiring Hot Dog for their marketing expertise, I can't hire them to do everything. What I appreciated most in this month's talk was how Jessica told us what the trends were, where we could find help online to speed things up or make them easier, and the ultimate benefit if we did them. For example, I had no idea that a FAQ page was one of the most important pages on your website because AI/Google now look to it to answer prospective customers' questions and the more detail you add to your FAQ (both the Q and the A), the better chance you have that a customer will be directed to you! Or how incredibly important it is to write up the content of your website in a conversational way (formal is so, like, yesterday). My favorite tip was learning that when you take the time to record video, you can cut that content up a ton of marketing uses...a short clip to add to your blog, a few animated meme ads for that month's IG ad campaign plus of course a full blown video for your homepage or YouTube page. I have another couple dozen gems I could share, but why give away ALL that I learned? ;) And hey Jessica, you need to get a bigger space to host your Lunch N Learns. I have a feeling they are going to get crowded. ;) I am so VERY happy with the content that the team at Hot Dog Marketing creates every week for my preschool business. From what they write and articles they choose for my ads/posts as well as the pictures of our students they choose to highlight, they are outstanding on every metric that matters. It's night and day compared to the last company I hired. They are charging me less for doing MUCH better work! Our Google ranking, which was near the bottom of the first page, is now landing on the top half. We are showing up on maps when we weren't before. I've been in business for 12 years and other businesses much younger and smaller than ours were getting better results, but no longer! At our second meeting, they even gave me suggestions for the website, which I have since implemented, like starting a blog, to help drive more traffic to it. If I have a question or don't like something (no matter how small), they are incredibly responsive. And as we grow with more locations, they will grow with me, which I can't wait to experience. I am absolutely THRILLED they are handling my account and am incredibly grateful I found them.

Lisa Marie she herオン
May 3, 2024

These are the kindest, most educated people you can find in marketing. If you're not sure yet, check out their website for seminars and educational materials.

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