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Greenlane has extensive experience with over 100 renowned B2C and B2B brands, tackling their toughest ROI challenges in Paid Media and SEO. Our experience has firmly established us as industry thought leaders, trusted for our deep insights and innovative approaches.

Our founder was a pioneer in the SEO space in the early 1990s and played a role in the early days of search engine optimization. Greenlane continues this legacy of discovery, passion, and problem-solving to this day, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in search marketing.

We specialize in identifying the specific signals search engines use to enhance your performance, emphasizing modern strategies over mere tactics. We delve into the stories your data tells, collaborating with you to build effective, data-driven campaigns. Our agile marketing approach allows us to rapidly determine the best strategies, swiftly adapting to changes in the digital landscape to keep your campaigns ahead of the curve.

From day one, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager focused on achieving your goals. Whether you choose a one-off project or a monthly retainer, you’ll gain access to our top-tier tech, analytics, and strategy experts. Unlike other agencies, our model ensures you benefit from the collective expertise of our highly experienced team, providing a comprehensive approach tailored to meet your specific needs and drive substantial results.

Our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and innovation ensures your campaigns remain cutting-edge. We leverage the latest tools and techniques to maximize your ROI, keeping you ahead of the competition and poised for sustained success. We don't bind our clients with long-term contracts; instead, we let our expertise and results cultivate long-term relationships. We believe in earning your trust through consistent performance and outstanding service, demonstrating our value every step of the way.

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A Philadelphia-based athletic cover manufacturer partnered with Greenlane to assess its website after a re-platform and redesign. The company faced low, inconsistent online traffic on key product pages. Our team found duplicative content causing internal competition and pages with minimal info.


Our goal was to boost website traffic and engagement on key e-commerce pages lacking strong content and SEO tactics. Enhancing the overall buyer’s journey was crucial, as supportive resources were hard to find, missing opportunities to educate shoppers and showcase robust content for search engines.


Strategic advisement and execution led to a 155% increase in engagement rate for the cover manufacturer, from 34.6% in Feb 2023 to 88.3% in Feb 2024. Product pages saw a 40% lift in sessions, a 44.7% rise in new users, and a 125% boost in views. Content & SEO optimization were key to these results.


Our client, offering online healthcare education, initially partnered with us for SEO and recently added PPC services. Our audit identified structural issues, including spending 88% of the budget on Broad match keywords, which had a 77% lower CTR and 65% lower conversion rate than other match types.


Greenlane restructured the account using historical data. Tactics included quick optimizations for immediate performance, a keyword match type strategy for efficient traffic, revamped ad messaging to boost engagement, and testing new landing pages to increase conversion rates and lead submissions.


In the first four months with Greenlane, the client saw a 75% increase in ad clickthrough rate, a 21% lift in conversion rate, and an 80% rise in leads, with an 18% lower CPL. These are their highest metrics in a decade. Despite the pandemic, Greenlane helped the Online University exceed lead goals.


A billion-dollar global information and publishing company noticed a heavy decline in natural search traffic for a specific segment of its business. Greenlane Search Marketing, LLC was engaged to identify the problem and provide solutions.


Greenlane performed a detailed crawl of the site to locate over 80 duplicate pages for each key landing page – some of which Google indexed, while others were appropriately filtered out. We identified and removed millions of pages of varying quality.


Within the first day of making the changes live, Google took notice, and the crawl budget quickly rose thereafter. Google was not only enjoying a better use of PageRank for ranking but also discovering more unique buried content.

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