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Convirtue, a trailblazing marketing agency, specializes in propelling independent insurance agencies into digital success. Born from the insightful experience of our founder, Brandon Dendas, Convirtue aims to solve industry-specific issues that most generic marketing firms overlook.

Brandon began his journey at an independent insurance agency, where he identified the pitfalls of relying solely on Google AdWords, an arena dominated by insurance giants with limitless budgets. The agency was stuck in a cycle of "vanity metrics," substantial daily costs, and negligible results. Realizing the potential of content marketing and SEO, Brandon managed to raise the agency to the top ranks in Connecticut. This inspired him to launch Convirtue in early 2020, guided by four pillars: Integrity, Persistency, Innovation, and Results.

Convirtue offers a suite of tailored services, ranging from SEO and content marketing to social media management. We reject the "one-size-fits-all" approach, understanding that each agency is unique in its needs and customer base. By diving deep into each agency's specific challenges, Convirtue crafts individualized strategies that not only boost website traffic but also optimize digital footprints for superior customer acquisition. Our SEO focus comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, highlighting our confidence in delivering measurable success.

What sets Convirtue apart is transparency. Clients are included in every step of the journey, ensuring a collaborative effort in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. The agency boasts an impressive portfolio of client success stories, ranging from Elemental Risk Management in New Mexico to Bellken Insurance in Florida. Each testimonial stands as a testament to our effectiveness, solidifying Convirtue's role as a true partner in your digital transformation.

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Pawson Insurance aimed to amplify online presence and significantly boost lead generation. The agency sought a multi-faceted digital marketing approach to enhance visibility, attract high-quality leads, and improve the customer acquisition process for both commercial and personal insurance lines.


Our solution included a full website redesign optimized for SEO, targeted blog content creation, and a robust social media strategy. The tailor-made campaign was designed to capture qualified leads and elevate the Pawson brand within the crowded insurance market space.


Leads surged by an incredible 380% within a year. Pawson now enjoys over 6,000 monthly page views and regularly receives 80-90+ high-quality leads for their diverse insurance offerings. This data-driven performance has substantially increased their market share and revenue.


Bellken Insurance Group aspired to dramatically escalate their website traffic and increase lead generation within a short time frame. The primary objective was to leverage organic and paid search channels effectively while ensuring an improvement in key performance indicators like organic traffic a


We executed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that encompassed a complete website overhaul optimized for search engines, backlink creation, and a strong social media presence. A keen focus was placed on SEO to improve organic reach, and the platform was optimized for multiple locations


Within just 4 months, Bellken Insurance Group saw a 2000% increase in website traffic and doubled their leads within the first 60 days. Their monthly organic traffic averages at 1,836 visitors, and they get between 40-50 qualified leads. The authority score and backlinks also saw impressive growth.


Elemental Risk Management sought to boost their online visibility, generate a steady influx of qualified leads, and ultimately increase their revenue. They needed an integrated digital marketing strategy that would not only elevate their brand but would also bring them tangible results.


Convirtue delivered a comprehensive digital marketing package that included website design & development, SEO optimization, content creation via search-intended blogs and YouTube videos, as well as ongoing social media management.


We increased Elemental Risk Management's leads by an astounding 230% within 12 months. They now average 1,000-1,300 page views every month and typically generate 30-40 high-quality leads for their commercial insurance agency monthly.

Denver, Colorado, United StatesのエージェンシーConvirtueは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでBellken Insuranceのビジネスを成長させました
Denver, Colorado, United StatesのエージェンシーConvirtueは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでOakland Insuranceのビジネスを成長させました
Denver, Colorado, United StatesのエージェンシーConvirtueは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでPawson Insurance | Risk Strategiesのビジネスを成長させました
Denver, Colorado, United StatesのエージェンシーConvirtueは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでBFISのビジネスを成長させました
Denver, Colorado, United StatesのエージェンシーConvirtueは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでSouthern Insurance Groupのビジネスを成長させました
Denver, Colorado, United StatesのエージェンシーConvirtueは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでElemental Risk Managementのビジネスを成長させました
Denver, Colorado, United StatesのエージェンシーConvirtueはSemrush Academy Certificate賞を獲得しています




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