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Click Click Media is a digital marketing agency based in Bella Vista, Sydney, providing innovative digital marketing solutions since founded in 2008. We pride ourselves on our expertise in delivering high-performing campaigns and web development across competitive industries. With a data-driven approach, we aim to drive fast results for businesses, significantly reducing the cost per sale and lead from digital marketing channels.

We have a multi-disciplined team that offers a range of services, including Google Ads management, search engine optimisation (SEO), website development, digital marketing strategy, WordPress development, Facebook Ads, conversion rate optimisation, web design, and ecommerce solutions. All services are designed to provide value through effective use of technology, business systems, & quality assurance processes, passing savings & improved results directly to clients.

Click Click Media has managed over 5,000 campaigns, handling more than $50 million in ad spend, and delivered over 2,000 project deliverables, highlighting our extensive experience and success in the field. With a philosophy of 100% transparency, we ensure that our clients are fully informed about the breakdown of fees, hours, & the individuals responsible for each task.

What sets us apart is our technical proficiency and commitment to creating a positive and exciting experience for our clients. We encourage visits to our Sydney office to look at our operations and to meet the team. This approach, combined with our reluctance to engage in typical SEO company tactics like cold calling and spamming, fosters a more personal and effective client-agency relationship.

Client testimonials underscore our ability to significantly cut cost per acquisition, enhance online marketing efforts, & provide invaluable advice and service. Businesses from various sectors have noted remarkable growth and improved marketing outcomes as a result of partnering with Click Click Media.

In summary, Click Click Media is a leading digital marketing agency with a rich history of success and innovation. Our comprehensive suite of services, along with a client-first approach, ensures that businesses receive tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and objectives. With a track record of transforming digital media strategies and driving significant business growth, Click Click Media continues to be a preferred partner for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of online marketing.

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Motiv8sports faced website and digital marketing issues, lacking ROI & organic traffic. They needed a dynamic website for event, ticketing, & participant management, plus a scalable solution for franchising. Finding the right agency was crucial for their digital growth & franchising plans.


Click Click Media's software and digital campaigns led Motiv8sports to exponential growth, selling out events quickly and attracting franchise inquiries. Their platform supported operations, enhancing Motiv8sports' brand as a leader in innovative sports event experiences.


SEO efforts by Click Click Media boosted Motiv8sports' organic traffic from 2,000 to over 23,000 visitors monthly, achieving a 400% increase in organic revenue, significantly contributing to the company's financial growth.

Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaのエージェンシーClick Click Mediaは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでPernod Ricardのビジネスを成長させました
Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaのエージェンシーClick Click Mediaは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでGunneboのビジネスを成長させました
Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaのエージェンシーClick Click Mediaは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでMotiv8sportsのビジネスを成長させました
Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaのエージェンシーClick Click Mediaは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでTile Factory Outletのビジネスを成長させました
Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaのエージェンシーClick Click Mediaは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでSilk Laser Clinicsのビジネスを成長させました
Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaのエージェンシーClick Click Mediaは、SEOとデジタルマーケティングでMate NBNのビジネスを成長させました




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