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Chatham Oaks is a New England growth solutions agency that puts an emphasis on strong but simple marketing practices to allow small businesses struggling with the most challenging marketing and operations processes. Our focus is to save business owners time with necessary, menials tasks so they can get back to doing what they are passionate about.

Our specialties:

  • SEO, including local seo, content marketing and management, and link management through public relations opportunities. Our clients have an average 1500% increase in traffic and 625% increase in market share.
  • Specialized and custom built no-code automations for business marketing and growth to improve scalability. These include software integrations, APIs, automated AI tools, and full service process automations. Our automation clients get back on average 20 hours per week. Additionally, we have fully automated entire businesses operating in legal, ecommerce, real estate, and food + beverage industries.
  • We also offer template, toolkits, and resources to assist businesses in the pursuit of learning to take full advantage of the convergence of automation and AI to speed up processes, eliminate menial tasks, build employees, and more.
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  • $0 - 5,000
  • United States
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Client brought us in to assist with brand positioning to compete with current competitors, drive sales from organic traffic, and establish their brand in their industry as a trusted vendor for clients all over the world.


We focused on positioning each of the pages and products to new keywords and fixing the site errors to get the pages indexed in the search engine. Finally, we turned our attention to fully understand the gaps between Tattoo Space and their competitors to create a content plan.


300% increase in mobile and desktop monthly visitors from 1,094 to 4,400. These organic rankings for chosen keywords save Tattoo Space over $18,000 in monthly ad spend. Establishing a presence online in industry publications and organic keywords contributed to a 1282% increase in direct traffic.


High bounce rates from their main pages, people getting to a page and immediately leaving, and a reliance on branded traffic, cost them a lot of opportunities for new traffic and a wider area reach. Their major issues involved a lack of time and a having to use a very complicated software internally


In order to improve their discoverability, we updated the onsite information in order to position it towards localized keywords with high traffic from their target market in the local area such as “golf course near me”, “restaurant near me”, and “wedding venue near me”.


30% increase YoY in website link clicks from the Google Business Page from local searches in the surrounding areas. Keyword rankings for the website doubled over the course of one year leading to over 1.2k impressions per month and an increase in 58% discoverability in local markets.


We encountered the client at an early stage looking to generate better local brand awareness and catch up to local competitors. It seemed most of their traffic came from two keywords. Their site also did not have meta-data or informational content which contributed to a high bounce rate.


To combat the bounce rate on the site we created informative content for both target markets to learn more about the niche and generate rankings for local keywords. We used the newsletter to gauge interest amongst the audience and created well researched blogs based on those topics.


SEO optimized blogs allowed for increase of Top 10 rankings from 3 - 38 which brought in ~50% of site traffic. Solid content additions and better local brand awareness resulted in a 272% increase in traffic YoY. The traffic that has landed on the site has booked up the gym in 2023.

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