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Brafton is what happens when a bunch of creative geniuses get their hands on killer marketing data and tech.

Our mission: Simplify high-impact content marketing with Brafton’s platform, strategy and content creation services.

We've been at the forefront of content marketing since 2008, with offices in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, London and Sydney. There’s nothing our global team of SEOs, social media mavens, wordsmiths, designers, developers, videographers and consultants can’t create:

Account-based marketing campaigns.

Case studies.

Content for SEO.

Comprehensive technical SEO audits.

Custom illustrations.

End-to-end inbound strategies.

Landing pages.

Blog posts.

Social media content.


White papers.


Interactive content.

Press releases.

Paid search campaigns.

Paid ad campaigns.

Power-point presentations and slide decks.

Sales sheets and one-pagers.

Videos & animations.

Newsletters, drips & other email content.

Web design, development and UX.

Much more.

Content marketing is our calling. We follow it to ROI for our customers.

$2,500 - 5,000
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For one e-commerce client, a blog had proven success in getting users interested in products – they were seeing 5x more revenue from the blog year over year. A design refresh correlated with a decrease in blog conversions. CTA buttons for relevant product pages had previously occupied the top right.


Build a content archive around the company’s top products, with CTA buttons that related specifically to the products mentioned within the blog posts. Next we decided to bring in a UX mockup to test optimal placement.


Updating article templates for CTA buttons increased revenue in just one month by a staggering 83%, despite a traffic increase of only 1%. This was across all website channels – organic search saw a 431% increase, email referral traffic had a 300% increase and Average order value increased by 48.5%.


A global software company needed our expertise in Paid Search/PPC to help generate more qualified leads through Google Ads. They were seeing money go out the window on irrelevant keywords, incorrect audience targeting, and an ever-growing cost-per-conversion (CPA).


PPC campaigns are carried out on digital ad networks, which extend to millions of websites and apps. To find the right customers and spread brand awareness across the web, Brafton’s expert strategists help determine the right platforms for your brand and how to leverage them for the greatest impact.


Brafton saved our client $507 dollars per conversion, we also added 50 more qualified leads in month one. After working together on a campaign restructure and optimizations, without increasing the ad budget, we increased CTR by 96%, Clicks by 17%, and increased conversions by 185% compared to prior.


The mission: More qualified leads, less work. If it exists, someone has searched for it on Google. The key is to figure out what query they’re using to find whatever “it” is. So in the case of our client – which helps many of its business customers migrate their operations into the cloud – a query


In total, we completed about 14,000 words of blog content. We accented those posts with branded custom illustrations that popped a little more than the stock photography they’d been using. Additionally, we created 5 infographics and 4, 90-second how-to videos.


Basically, we succeeded in ranking on Page 1 for more keywords, which in turn, drove more traffic to the site. More traffic meant more opportunities for lead generation, which culminated in a YoY increase in both MQLs and SQLs.

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Danny Paskoffオン
Jan 9, 2024

I highly recommend partnering with Brafton to accelerate your marketing plan. I've been working with Kara on the Brafton team who feels like a member of my own team. Kara understands my market, asks the right questions to understand my companies goals, suggests ways to advance our efforts and is delightful to work with. Don't hesitate to bring them on board if you need to fuel marketing efforts.

Ken Boostromオン
Feb 19, 2024

Brafton is a content marketing agency situated in downtown Boston. The agency comprises various marketing departments, including editorial, video, social media, design, UX consulting, a web development group, and account services. The employees working there are incredibly talented, with many years of experience. The agency's primary focus is on campaign-driven strategies, SEO, and exceptional creativity.

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