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Our Acute SEO experts specialize in search engine optimization services for local businesses. In addition, we provide our clients with full-service search engine marketing and web solutions. They include  WordPress Web Design & Development, Reputation Management & Review Acquisition, Business Online Directory Submissions, and Google AdWords – Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads management.

Most consumers are NOT searching for local businesses in the phonebook or newspapers anymore. Instead, they are using search engines like Google and Bing on their computers and smartphone devices. That is why SEO is important and the benefits from results are astonishing. 


A well-optimized website with rankings in the top positions of search engines can even enable smaller businesses to compete with their larger and well-known counterparts. 

If you are completely new to search engine optimization, it is important to understand what it is and how it works to truly appreciate how your business can benefit from Acute SEO services.



We needed visibility in the marketplace. It was important to be seen by everybody so people could find us easily.


Since partnering with Acute SEO, the company has consistently maintained its rankings on the first page of Google. The internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their availability, open lines of communication, and efforts to go beyond the scope of the project.


Our online activity and visibility as a business has doubled compared to before engaging with Acute SEO. Also, people are always talking about the great online presence we have, and they’re finding us thanks to Acute SEO's efforts.


The challenge we had before hiring Acute SEO was we were having trouble changing or getting rid of an old Google account that was sending our customers to an old address. When they finally got rid of that problem for me, we had the opportunity for them to get us on the first page of Google.


Before we would be on the fourth or fifth page of Google, now we’re consistently on the first page for many of the keywords that pertain to our business.


As a result of the partnership, each of the business locations was placed in the top search results for keywords. Acute SEO invested time to acquire a nuanced understanding of the business to produce targeted campaigns effectively. They are prompt and responsive, which leads to long-term engagement.


Acute SEO helped us dramatically improve our organic placement on Google as well as Google Maps. We were not appearing anywhere before their work.


We weren’t ranking at all before. Now, we’re number one organic always — beating out home advisors and other websites. We’re also always on the maps page. We’ve knocked lots of competitors off.


The roofer went from not ranking nor appearing in Google Maps to being consistently number one in organic search and having both locations appearing on the map — knocking competitors off. The team at Acute SEO is creative, responsive, accountable, and goes above and beyond.

  • $2,500 - 5,000


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